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leadership transition

Finding the right talent takes time.  Operations must continue and transition is tricky. Eutemia is here to help fill the gaps when that timeline is longer than expected. 

Leadership Transition Support | Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Administration

It is challenging in today's environment to find the right talent in the right time frame that allows for the right focus on day to day operations, strategic projects, and thoughtful transition.  Eutemia's professionals have held positions ranging from Manager to Vice President of Revenue Cycle functions and other Healthcare Administration positions.  We bring operational expertise, but do not stop there.  Our creative approach gathers insight from your current state, incorporates strategic imperatives, and assists in the transition of an incoming leader to ensure business continuity and a lowered onboarding opportunity cost.  If you are looking for an interim leader to solely "keep the wheels on the bus", we are not the right partners.  If you are committed to investing in continued and improved operations paired with successful transition of your new leader(s), then let's talk

Tailored Solution

We get it. Sometimes the menu does not quite have exactly what you are looking for.  A luxury of being a small business is our flexibility to design the most optimal solution for our clients.  Interested in leadership transition, but need a more creative approach? Let's talk

Ready to discuss your unique need? Please contact us!

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